Princess Connect! Re: Dive Gets Halloween Celebrations Going Early!

by dereksawadogo

Princess Connect! Re: Dive

Heyas, Knights! It may only be September, but we’ve already got our eyes on the next biggest and scariest theme on the calendar: Halloween! No tricks here, only treats: we’re getting a head start on the celebrations, so join us for a thrilling series of announcements, events, and other news to share. Let’s see what wicked things we’ve got brewing!

Spooky scary Shinobu (Halloween) is ready to send shivers down your spine! Screaming Skulldaddy will shock your foes’ souls and seal their doom tonight. Dressed perfectly for a macabre waltz, Shinobu (Halloween) comes equipped with a deadly allure and even deadlier skills to pick off enemies tempting fate, making them nothing more than victims of the night. As night falls on the most malevolent nights of the year, you’ll be better off with the queen of the spooks (and her skull father) by your side. 

Much like the summer-themed Focus Gachas from before, Shinobu (Halloween) is a limited character, which means that her eerie presence will fade away after her Focus Gacha ends. If you’re feeling the Halloween vibes, then don’t miss this opportunity to bolster your ranks with some early Halloween specialties.

The Shinobu (Halloween) Focus Gacha will run for 18 days, from 9/24 23:00 UTC to 10/12 22:59 UTC.

If that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got a special Halloween-themed event coming your way, too! Enjoy the special Halloween-themed event, Trick or Pudding! The Promised Halloween Party, featuring two members of Diablos, Miyako and Shinobu, as they investigate some suspicious Halloween activities around the town of Landosol. What mysterious horrors and twists await the pair? Who is Jack, and why is he in all these lanterns? Will Miyako finally obtain that special pudding she’s been craving? These questions and more will be answered in due time.

As with our previous events, this event also features exclusive boss battles, where you can test your skills in varying difficulties: Normal, Hard, and Very Hard. You’ll want to brace yourself for the Very Hard boss, as it can give you a good scare, and is only clearable once per day. You’ll need Boss Tickets to earn a shot at defeating the boss, which can be obtained by clearing event stages and from login bonuses while the event is active. Your moment of heroism is approaching. If you don’t successfully defeat a boss on your first attempt, you can retry as many times as necessary, and non-lethal damage dealt to a boss will carry over between attempts. 

As with our summer events, players will be able to obtain an exclusive free unit in Miyako (Halloween) after defeating the boss 5 times at any difficulty level. This ghostess with the mostest will only be available to be obtained during the event, so make sure to feed her lots of pudding before her ghastly presence dissipates into thin air! After all, ghouls just want to have fun pudding.

We’re also cranking things into overdrive, because clearing event quests will also give 1.5x times the normal experience, in addition to the normal mana, items, and Boss Tickets that these quests give out. This is the perfect opportunity to also raise your player level while enjoying the event. 

The Victory Medal Gacha also makes its frightening return for the event! Clearing event stages, event missions, and defeating the previously mentioned bosses will earn you Victory Medals, which can be exchanged for a plethora of treats. There’s a predetermined series of reward lineups, each featuring a key reward – once you roll the current lineup’s key reward, you’ll have the opportunity to either reset the rewards and move ahead to the next lineup, or hold off on resetting to clear out all the possible rewards. Here are the key rewards you should look out for!

  • Lineup 1: Yori’s Memory Shard x 20
  • Lineup 2: Miyako (Halloween)’s Memory Shard x 25
  • Lineup 3: Yori’s Memory Shard x 30
  • Lineup 4: Miyako (Halloween)’s Memory Shard x 40

Just remember – once you’ve gone through the four initial lineups, you won’t be able to reset the active lineup until you’ve obtained all the possible rewards from the current active lineup.

The Trick or Pudding! The Promised Halloween Party Story event will be available from 9/24 23:00 UTC to 10/10 22:59 UTC.

We’ve got some more double drop campaigns to share with you, too! Double drops first make their way to Hard Quests, where you’ll be able to obtain two times the mana, items, and Memory Shards. While these quests definitely can be hard to complete (hence their name), it’s definitely not hard to see how big the value add here is! You’ll be able to obtain all the resources you need to upgrade, unlock, and enhance your characters, at an even better rate than usual.

The Hard Quest Double Drop Campaign lasts for 6 days from 9/21 13:00 UTC to 9/26 12:59 UTC.

After making your way through double drops in the hard quests, it’s time to head into the Dungeon Double Drop Campaign. Fill up the mana reserves with two times the mana when completing dungeon stages. You won’t even need to think twice about clearing the dungeon daily!

The Dungeon Double Drop Campaign runs for 10 days from 9/26 13:00 UTC to 10/5 12:59 UTC.

With all the mana you’ll be collecting from the dungeon, you’ll want to add some experience potions to level up your heroines. Might as well take the opportunity to trick or treat yourself to some grotto double drops! The Grotto Quest Double Drop Campaign will also be making its return. Or as we like to call it: the “grot-two” campaign.

The Grotto Quest Double Drop Campaign for 12 days from 10/5 13:00 UTC to 10/16 12:59 UTC.

Finally, we know players want to be able to collect all the furniture in the world. But with all these new furniture we’re releasing, what’s a knight to do as the furniture cap approaches? Fret not, young adventurer – no longer will you worry about what furniture straw breaks the camel cap’s back, as we’re also doubling the amount of furniture. The default amount of furniture you can store jumps from 100 to 200, while the maximum amount doubles from 300 to 600. These changes will come into effect after 9/23 9:00 UTC. We look forward to seeing more of your creations! Be it shining throne rooms, dazzling idol concert venues, or making creative use of color tiles.

Included below is a summarized version of all the updates announced today, for easy reading and accessibility. Thank you for all your support, and we hope you continue to enjoy Princess Connect! Re: Dive! 

See you in Astraea, Knights!

— Crunchyroll Games

*Note: All event details may be subject to change. Please check the in-game notifications at the start of the events for the full details.

  • Shinobu (Halloween) Focus Gacha (9/24 23:00 UTC to 10/12 22:59 UTC)
    • Increased rate-up for Shinobu (Halloween), also available for redemption via character exchange points.
    • Shinobu (Halloween) is a limited unit and will only be available during the Focus Gacha period.
  • Story Event – Trick or Pudding! The Promised Halloween Party (9/24 23:00 UTC to 10/10 22:59 UTC)
    • Event exclusive Miyako (Halloween) can be obtained.
    • Event missions give 1.5x experience.
  • Guildhouse Updates (After 9/23 9:00 UTC)
    • Guildhouse’s default storage increased from 100 to 200.
    • Guildhouse’s maximum storage increased from 300 to 600.
  • Hard Quest Double Drop Campaign (9/21 13:00 UTC to 9/26 12:59 UTC)
  • Dungeon Double Drop Campaign (9/26 13:00 UTC to 10/5 12:59 UTC)
  • Grotto Quest Double Drop Campaign (10/5 13:00 UTC to 10/16 12:59 UTC)

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