Wealthy Yu-Gi-Oh! Fans Can Emulate Seto Kaiba With His Briefcase

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25th anniversary “Ultimate Kaiba Set” includes Kaiba’s card deck

The Yu-Gi-Oh! manga series is commemorating its 25th anniversary by releasing an “Ultimate Kaiba Set.” This deluxe package, which costs 33,000 yen (approximately US$301), comes with Seto Kaiba’s iconic briefcase, plus his entire card deck with original edition artwork. This includes three copies of the Blue-Eyes White Dragon and three new cards which previously only existed in the manga or anime.

The full contents of the set are as follow:

  • Three Blue-Eyes White Dragon cards (Secret Rare), framed in a display case. The case has a “original work 25th anniversary” logo
  • Seto Kaiba’s deck: 58 cards, plus three new cards (all Ultra Rare)
  • Briefcase that can hold approximately 7,000 cards. The lid comes with a belt that can hold two game mats

The three new cards originally appeared in the manga, and are finally getting an official card version. These are the Attack Guidance Armor, Life Shaver, and Magical Trick Mirror cards.

Pre-orders are open in Japan from September 21 to October 31. The item is expected to ship in April, 2022.

Source: Yu-Gi-Oh! official website via Siliconera

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