World Trigger 3rd Season TV Anime Adds Ryota Takeuchi And Mamiko Noto To Cast

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Following up on the previously announced World Trigger Channel Vol.2 livesstream announced last month, the latest edition of the online event held on Toei Animation’s official YouTube channel has confirmed two new additional cast members in Ryota Takeuchi playing the role of Tamakoma engineer Mikhail Cronin and Mamiko Noto as Yuri Rindō, niece to Takumi Rindō and a Tamakoma operator. The event also confirmed the opening and ending theme artists, with Kami wa Saikoro o Furanai returning to perform the new opening theme “Time Factor” while the ending theme will be performed by Fantastic Youth titled “Ungai Dōkei”. A third key visual has also been released.

New characters

Mikhail Cronin and Yuri Rindō

3rd Key Visual


The first season of World Trigger aired from October 2014 to April 2016, totaling 73 episodes, with the second season starting in January 2021. Both seasons are currently streaming on Crunchyroll, which describes the series as such:

One day, a gate to another world opened in Mikado City. Invaders from another dimension, referred to thereafter as Neighbors, overran the area around the gate, leaving the city gripped by fear. However, a mysterious group suddenly appeared and repelled the Neighbors. This Border Defense Agency independently researches Neighbor technology and fights to protect this world. In a short time, they managed to build an enormous base and prepare a defensive system against the Neighbors. it’s been four years since then.

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