KADOKAWA Announces Speedy, Direct SimulPub Releases of Manga

by dereksawadogo

As revealed during Virtual Crunchyroll Expo 2021, complete with TheAnimeMan as the MC, KADOKAWA has big plans for manga and light novel distribution. The publisher is responding to fan requests and kicking off speedy eBook translation and distribution directly, serving up a bunch of series straight from the source as simulpubs. 

These manga simulpub releases will be available via KADOKAWA’s online eBook store BOOK WALKER Global and other digital outlets. As for light novels, as soon as they’re translated, KADOKAWA plans to start delivering them chapter by chapter. 

Titles not yet translated into English but already recognized by fans in the west are at the forefront of this new endeavor, including a starting lineup of seven manga. In October, three new light novel titles will join the list, and KADOKAWA aims to eventually release over 100 titles in this fashion. 

Here’s what’s on the way for manga first: 

A Boy Raised by Gods Will Be the Strongest

Art: Toya Kuno 

Original Work: Ryosuke Hata 

Character Design: fame

I’m Quitting Heroing

Art: Nori Kazato 

Original Work: Quantum 

Character Design: Hana Amano

Magic Stone Gourmet: Eating Magical Power Made Me the Strongest

Art: Kenji Sugawara 

Original Work: Ryou Yuuki 

Character Design: Chisato Naruse

My Little Sister Stole My Fiancé: The Strongest Dragon Favors Me and Plans to Take Over the Kingdom?

Art: hi8mugi 

Original Work: Ten Kashiwa 

Character Design: COMTA

The 31st Consort

Art: Tsubasa Nanaki 

Original Work: Momotomoe 

Character Design: Nanao Yamashita

The Insipid Prince’s Furtive Grab for the Throne

Art: Yukino Amagai 

Original Work: Tanba 

Character Design: Yunagi

The Lotus Eaters, Drunk and Sober

Art: Mizutaki 

Original Work: ZUN

Starting on August 5, the first three chapters of the manga titles above will be available for free on BOOK WALKER Global.

Light novels: 

Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved and Took in a High School Runaway (official title TBD)

Author: Shimesaba 

Artist: Booota

I’m Quitting Heroing

Author: Quantum 

Artist: Hana Amano

The Insipid Prince’s Furtive Grab for the Throne

Author: Tanba 

Artist: Yunagi

To keep up with all of this, KADOKAWA is launching digi-pub NEWS social media accounts, which can be found on Twitter and Facebook

Source: Press release


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