Good Smile Previews Utterly Breathtaking US$500 Cardcaptor Sakura Figure from CLAMP

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Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of figure maker Good Smile Company and the 30th anniversary of manga artist circle CLAMP, the two creative enterprises have teamed up for a gorgeous Cardcaptor Sakura figure – a franchise that is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The figure is based on a new illustration by the artist circle with a price tag, which you can see above, showing how detailed Good Smile went to recreate the artwork.

Sakura Kinomoto Always Together ~ Pinky Promise ~

Sakura Kinomoto Always Together ~ Pinky Promise ~

Sakura Kinomoto Always Together ~ Pinky Promise ~

The new Sakura Kinomoto costume–which was obviously designed by Tomoyo Daidouji–is a fluffy pink affair with Sakura holding a bouquet of flowers in what seems like an archway with a clock on the top. The figure, named Sakura Kinomoto Always Together ~ Pinky Promise ~, is 1/7th scale and comes in at 530 mm tall, including the stand. Pre-orders have opened for an August 2023 release on the Japanese Good Smile website for a whopping 52,000 yen (US$473). A big price for a big figure!

Here’s the original illustration from CLAMP from which the figure is based on:

Sakura Kinomoto Always Together ~ Pinky Promise ~

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Source: Good Smile Company Special Site

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