The Idolm@ster Series Concept Movie 2021 ‘VOY@GER’ in The Works

by dereksawadogo

During the special program “The [email protected] 16th Memorial Live-streaming ~16th Anniversary [email protected]!!!!!~” last night, it was announced that a new concept movie “The [email protected] Series Concept Movie 2021 ‘[email protected]‘” is now in the works.

According to the teaser PV posted on the web, the production team of THE [email protected] anime series will reunite to produce a concept movie towards the future beyond the 15th-anniversary of The [email protected] series. The anime series’ director Atsushi Nishigori is attached to direct, Shogo Tsurii (studio khara) serves as visual director, and CloverWorks and studio khara works on production.

In the clip to be released soon, the 15 idols, who are introduced in the teaser PV, will sing the newly produced image song [email protected] under the unit name THE [email protected] FIVE STARS!!!!!​. The CD singles of the song are set to be released in five editions featuring each brand on August 4, 2021. It will be also available digitally on the same day.

Teaser PV:

[email protected]” preview:

“The [email protected] 16th Memorial Live-streaming ~16th Anniversary [email protected]!!!!!~”

【16周年】『アイドルマスター16周年生配信~16th Anniversary [email protected]!!!!!~』お知らせまとめ #アイマス16周年おめでとう #idolmaster

— アイドルマスター公式ツイッター (@imas_official) July 25, 2021

Source: “The [email protected]” franchise official YouTube channel / Twitter

©Toshiyuki Kubooka ©BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.

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