Pictures of the Rockin’ Saga Transportation ZOMBIE LAND SAGA Bus Surface

by dereksawadogo


This time last year, we reported on a ZOMBIE LAND SAGA bus that would be soon traveling the streets of Saga Prefecture throughout the day (and night!). Well, it seems in the year of Reiwa 3, the bus is still running and people have finally found how full off Franchouchou goodness it is!


— 朝霧 (@asagiri96mc) June 1, 2021

Franchouchou bus design

Twitter user @asagiri96mc finally found the bus on their travels in Saga and made a historical record of it on their Twitter account, casually noting that the bus seems like an otaku’s bedroom. I for one would love to travel the rural Saga countryside with small plushes of the Legendary Tae Yamada hanging from the railings!

Still rolling around Saga, the ZOMBIE LAND SAGA bus runs on a usual bus schedule, so you have to make sure you know the right times it’ll turn up to get on. You can find the bus schedule from the Saga Station Bus Center on the Saga City Transportation website

Source: Otakomu

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