Blood: The Last Vampire’s Katsuya Terada Holds Live Drawing on Instagram

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Pie International to release Terada Katsuya Sketch artbook in US/Europe in January 2022

Pie International is celebrating the release of illustrator Katsuya Terada‘s Terada Katsuya Sketch artbook with a live drawing session on its Instagram page. The session was held on Tuesday and can be watched via the post embedded below:

Terada Katsuya Sketch is a 512-page bilingual (Japanese and English) softbound artbook. It released in Japan on May 24, and it will release in the United States and Europe in 2022. The company describes the book:

The one and only legendary illustrator Katsuya Terada, a.k.a RAKUGAKING (The Sketch King) and well known as a pioneer who is always seeking new ideas and motifs for his drawings, has finally revealed his RAKUGAKI sketches and illustrations, long kept in his sketch book. Although most illustrations in this collection have appeared in Terada’s previous international exhibitions (e.g., Giant Robot in Los Angeles), never before has any book collected so many of his RAKUGAKI. This is the best and most comprehensive collection of Katsuya Terada‘s pencil sketches, making it a must-have book for both his hardcore fans and also to illustrators in general.

Terada is known for his work as the original character designer for Blood: The Last Vampire, and as the creator of The Monkey King manga series. He has also worked as a designer on such anime projects as Space Dandy, Yona Yona Penguin, and Silk Road Kids, and has also produced designs for the live-action Devilman and Cutie Honey films.

Pie International released his Katsuya Terada Real Size artbook in a bilingual (Japanese and English) hardbound edition in 2019.

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