Watch Digest Clip of Voice Actress unit harmoe’s First Concert Event

by dereksawadogo

harmoe, a new voice actress unit formed by Haruki Iwata (Towa Hanamai in D4DJ First Mix) and Moeka Koizumi (Shiho Ichimura in ODDTAXI), held their first mini concert event “harmoe canvas session I” at Zepp Tokyo on April 4, 2021. Their official YouTube channel has started streaming a five-and-half minute digest clip of the event.

As a new project to convey the world of fairy tales like watching a stage play or anime to the whole world with pleasant dance-pop music, the unit released their debut single “Kimagure Ticktack” from Pony Canyon on March 10, 2021. This digest clip include their performances of the three songs included in the single – “Curiosity Palette,” “Wonder girl,” and “Kimagure Ticktack.” The whole footage of the event will be included in the bonus Blu-ray of the first press limited edition of their forthcomings second single “My Pace ni Mermaid” to be released on August 18.

“harmoe canvas session I” digest:

Photos from the event:

— ????????????????????????公式 (@harmoe_official) April 4, 2021


— ????????????????????????公式 (@harmoe_official) April 4, 2021

Their 1st single “Kimagure Ticktack” music video:

Their 2nd single “My pace ni Mermaid” lyric video:

Source: harmoe official YouTube channel / Twitter


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