Background Art Studio Bamboo Releases First Art Book

by dereksawadogo

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Studio Bamboo specializes in creating background art for anime and other media, and their work can be seen in popular anime series such as Sword Art Online, Shirobako, The Eccentric Family, and Vinland Saga, just to name a few. Now, you can browse through some of their most iconic artworks in a neat and convenient collection, as the studio has recently released its first art book, Bamboo Background Art Book.

The art book collects about 500 pieces of background artwork from the studio; featured anime series include Ghost in the Shell Arise, Sword Art Online, Penguin Highway, The Eccentric Family, Great Pretender, Vinland Saga, and Shirobako. Interviews and artist commentary detailing the process of creating these artworks will also be included.

Below is a sample of what the book has to offer, featuring some of the studio’s contributions to Sword Art Online, Great Pretender, The Eccentric Family, and Penguin Highway respectively :

The Bamboo Background Art Book currently retails for 3,520 yen (around US$32) excluding shipping and can be purchased here.

Source: Otakomu, Amazon Japan

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