Hatsune Miku’s Twitter Account Briefly Suspended Over Age Restrictions

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Yesterday, the official Twitter account of Hatsune Miku was suspended over supposedly failing to meet Twitter’s age requirements, which stipulates that all account holders must be at least 13 years of age.

Ironically, the suspension was apparently triggered because the account’s English admin, being aware of Twitter’s age restrictions, decided that the time is right to set the account’s birthday to the year of Hatsune Miku’s debut, which is 2007.

“oh, isn’t Twitter’s age restriction 13 years old? I can set the Twitter account’s birthday to Miku’s actual release year of 2007 now”

said the Miku English Twitter admin,

“it’ll be fun” pic.twitter.com/XjWRNAJiJb

— Hatsune Miku (@cfm_miku_en) May 20, 2021

As of this time of writing, the account lock has been lifted, though the account’s birthday has been permanently set as the admin’s birthday.

thankfully the account lock was resolved while admin was asleep (having nightmares) but now this account’s bday is set to admin’s bday and cannot be changed

no more balloons for miku 🙁 pic.twitter.com/JxARa6m6h2

— Hatsune Miku (@cfm_miku_en) May 20, 2021

After updating its terms of service in 2018 in compliance with GDPR, Twitter has started locking accounts whose users are suspected to be underage at the time of the account’s creation. Since then, a number of accounts have received suspensions over attempts to set the accounts’ birthday, including Crunchyroll‘s official account in 2019 and even ANN’s official account just recently:

I just got @Crunchyroll banned from Twitter bc I changed the birthday to Hime’s

— meldao 😴 (@dicksquadvevo) May 9, 2019

The @anime account has been locked by @Twitter due to what we assume is a bug. We tried to set @anime’s Birthday to 1998 (the year the website was founded) and the account was locked for being “under 13.” Hopefully @TwitterSupport can get us back up soon.

— Anime News Network (@AnimeNewsNet) May 18, 2021

We’re still working on getting it resolved.

Source: @blockwonkel’s Twitter post

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