Crunchyroll Adds English And Spanish Dubs For D4DJ First Mix!

by dereksawadogo

Crunchyroll is excited to announce the addition of English and Spanish-language dubs for the high-energy, high school DJing anime D4DJ First Mix! The English dub will premiere at 1PM PDT while the Spanish-language dub will follow at 2:30PM PDT.

Having moved back to Japan from abroad, she transfers to Yoba Academy where DJing is popular. She is deeply moved by a DJ concert she sees there, and decides to form a unit of her own with Maho Akashi, Muni Ohnaruto, and Rei Togetsu. While interacting with the other DJ units like Peaky P-key and Photon Maiden, Rinku and her friends aim for the high stage! 

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