Guilty Gear -Strive- Game Streams Story Trailer in English, Reveals English Voice Cast

by dereksawadogo

Arc System Works revealed the English voice cast for the upcoming Guilty Gear -Strive- fighting game on Sunday. The company streamed a story trailer for the game in English.

The English cast includes:

Anji Mito and I-NO were available during the second open beta test that took place from May 13-16.

The game will launch for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC on June 11, delayed from April 9. Those who purchase the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions of the game can access the game starting on June 8.

Arc System Works stated regarding the delay that it received “valuable feedback” after a recent open beta test, and the company would “like to make the most of this opportunity to provide the best game possible.” The company said it therefore needs some more time to “polish some aspects of the game, such as the online lobbies and the server’s stability.”

Those who pre-order the game will get special colors for Sol and Ky. The Deluxe Edition includes the first season pass (with five new characters, five colors for each character, two stages, and extra story). The Ultimate Edition will include the first season pass, digital soundtrack and artwork, and Ultimate Edition special colors.

Arc System Works previously delayed the release of the game from late 2020 due to the spread of the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

Bandai Namco Entertainment will release the game in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia (except in South Korea and Japan). The game will also have an arcade version through the ALL.Net P-ras MULTI Version 3 service.

Daisuke Ishiwatari is the game’s general director, and Akira Katano is directing the game. Previously revealed characters include: Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, May, Axl Low, Chipp Zanuff, Potemkin, Faust, Millia Rage, Zato-1, Ramlethal, Leo Whitefang, Nagoriyuki, Giovanna, Anji, and I-NO. The game will have an initial roster of 15 characters at launch.

Source: Press release

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