Get Nostalgic with Kimagure Orange Road Perfume and Art Sets

by dereksawadogo

Hikaru, Kimagure Orange Road

Perfume maker Dreaming Princess specializes in scents inspired by your favorite anime series, from Gurren Lagann to Cowboy Bebop. Their latest line dips back to the 1980s, with new perfumes based on the heroines of classic rom-com Kimagure Orange Road.

The pair of fragrances calls to mind the two love interests of the series — the mature Madoka and the energetic Hikaru. Each comes in a specially designed bottle and box.

Madoka’s scent features floral and bergamot notes with undertones of musk:

Kimagure Orange Road: Madoka Perfume

And Hikaru’s has top notes of lemon and grapefruit with notes of rose and violet:

Kimagure Orange Road: Hikaru Perfume

As part of their Kimagure Orange Road line, Dreaming Princess will also be selling a line of acrylic art boards with art of Madoka and Hikaru:

Kimagure Orange Road Art Board

The scents and some of the art boards are now on sale, and more of the art boards will be available over the summer.

Perfumes are 3500 yen each, and art boards are 2500 yen each.

Source: Comic Natalie

Kara Dennison @RubyCosmos

Watch Kimagure Orange Road on Crunchyroll!

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