Samurai Shodown Releases on Steam, Adds New DLC Character on June 14

by dereksawadogo

SNK announced on Monday that it will release its Samurai Shodown (Samurai Spirits) fighting game on the Steam platform for PC on June 14 (the game was already available for PC via the Epic Games Store in June 2020). SNK also revealed the new DLC character Shiro Tokisada Amakusa as the third character in the game’s third season pass. The character will be available on June 14.

The game launched for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Japan and the West in June 2019. The Nintendo Switch version launched in Japan in December 2019 and in the West in February 2020. The arcade version of the game debuted in October 2019, and the game then launched for Stadia in November 2019. The game launched for the PC in June 2020. The game released for the Xbox Series X|S on March 16.

The game’s Season Pass 1 includes DLC characters Rimururu, Basara, Kazuki, and Wan-Fu. Season Pass 2 includes DLC characters Mina, Sogetsu, Iroha, and Warden from Ubisoft‘s For Honor game. The Season Pass 3 also includes the DLC character Cham Cham, which released on March 16, as well Hibiki Takane from The Last Blade 2, which released on April 22. Season Pass 3 will also include an upcoming character from the Guilty Gear franchise.

SNK developed the game using Unreal Engine 4. The game enables up to 10 players to play multiplayer online. The game has Japanese audio with subtitles in English, Japanese, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Korean, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Pan-American Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese.

The game is set between the events of the original game and Samurai Shodown V. The game features three new playable fighters: Darli Dagger, Wu-Ruixiang, and Yashamaru Kurama. The returning fighters from previous games in the series include Haōmaru, Nakoruru, Earthquake, Galford, Hanzo Hattori, Tam Tam, Kyoshiro Senryo, Jubei Yagyu, Ukyo Tachibana, Charlotte, Genjuro Kibagami, Shiki, and Yoshitora Tokugawa.

Source: SNK‘s Twitter account (link 2)

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