Heroines Protect the Racetrack in Hairpin Double Short Form Anime

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A key visual for the upcoming Hairpin Double short form anime, featuring the five main characters in their superhero idol outfits.

Okayama International Circuit – a motorsports racetrack in Mimasaka, Okayama Prefecture, Japan – is celebrating its 30th anniversary with the creation of an original short form anime entitled Hairpin Double that features racing-themed heroines and direction by one of the directors of the New Initial D anime film series. The main staff for Hairpin Double includes:

  • Director: Tomohito Naka
  • Screenplay: Tokio Nazuka (Tsumugi Akita Anime Lab Literary Division)
  • Original characters: Uzushiopawn
  • Character design: Chiyoko Sakamoto
  • Theme song: “Road to Victory” by PaRet
  • Animation production: Felix Film
  • Music production: Ai Addiction

The main cast for Hairpin Double includes:

A character setting of Azumi Shibukawa, aka

M・A・O as “Red” / Azumi Shibukawa.

A character setting of Kyouko Usui, aka

 Hisako Kanemoto as “Blue” / Kyouko Usui.

A character setting of Fumio Chitose, aka

Miharu Hanai as “Yellow” / Fumio Chitose.

A character setting of Eri Yokosuka - aka

Shiori Izawa as “Green” / Eri Yokosuka.

A character setting of Hina Kawai - aka

And Reina Kondō as “Pink” / Hina Kawai.

Additionally, voice actor Ryō Horikawa plays the role of Ken Horibe, the race control operator (not pictured).

The story of Hairpin Double is set at the Okayama International Circuit, a racetrack known for its two hairpin curves, on a typical race day where the circuit staff are working and the idol unit PaRet is performing on-stage. Suddenly, the racecourse is attacked by mysterious monsters intent on raiding the Mimasaka Liquid, a fantastical energy source located 900 meters beneath the racetrack. To protect the spectators and the staff, five young ladies transform into a superhero team.

Hairpin Double is scheduled to be released in the fall season of 2021.



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