Final Fantasy VII Remake Game Gets Novel Featuring Aerith, Tifa

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Kazushige Nojima writes Trace of Two Pasts novel launching on July 15

Square Enix‘s online store is listing a 288-page Final Fantasy VII Remake novel by Kazushige Nojima titled Trace of Two Pasts for a July 15 release. The novel is available as part of a bundle with the Final Fantasy VII Remake Material Ultimania Plus book as well as a standalone product. The book will center on heroines Aerith and Tifa.

Nojima is a writer for multiple games including Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy X, and Kingdom Hearts. He also wrote the script for the Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children movie and the Final Fantasy VII: On the Way to a Smile novel.

Square Enix‘s Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade game for PlayStation 5 will launch worldwide on June 10.

Square Enix released the Final Fantasy VII Remake game on PlayStation 4 in April 2020 after a delay from March 2020. The game was a PlayStation exclusive until April 10, 2021.

Square’s original Final Fantasy VII game debuted for PlayStation in 1997.

Source: Square Enix store (link 2) via Siliconera

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