Castlevania Did Use Warren Ellis’s Season 4 Scripts

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Despite disturbing allegations that surfaced last year, the Castlevania team went forward with writer Warren Ellis‘ completed scripts for the final season. Executive producer Kevin Kolde confirmed that Ellis’ scripts were used in an interview with ANN’s Jacki Jing this week.

Last summer, approximately 60 people accused the comic writer and screenwriter of abuse of power, manipulation, and predatory behavior targeting both fans and other industry creatives. Alleged victims described a pattern of luring young women into sexual relationships, usually preempted by mentorship, that would devolve into verbal abuse and controlling behavior. Ellis was accused of moderating a forum where participation was reliant on perceived sexual desirability and availability. Likewise, one of his forums (described as a “talent salon”) helped push some creatives to the forefront of comics, like Ms. Marvel’s G. Willow Wilson. She credited the forum with boosting her career but also stated it had a “casting couch atmosphere” for women.

Ellis finished the Castlevania season four scripts prior to the public allegations, but the staff had not previously stated how they would be used going forward. Ellis was one of the primary members of the series’ creative team, previously serving as both its writer and executive producer along side Kevin Kolde and Adi Shakar. Following the allegations, both The Hollywood Reporter and Screen Rant reported that the streaming giant had no plans to include Ellis in future Castlevania episodes after season four, albeit this was before the season was revealed to be the series’ last. Ellis was also taken off of developing DC Comics projects.

In a now deleted Twitter post, Ellis apologized for not properly taking into account his own position of authority within the comic book industry but denied he had ever assaulted or “consciously coerced, manipulated, or abused anyone.”

Source: The Verge (Adi Robertson), Deadline (Nellie Andreeva), Screen Rant (Lucas Bermudez)

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