Chise Ogawa’s Caste Heaven Manga Ends With 8th Volume

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Ogawa plans to end manga this year

The official Twitter account for Libre Publishing‘s Be x Boy magazine revealed on Saturday that Chise Ogawa‘s Caste Heaven manga will end in the manga’s eighth volume. The manga’s seventh volume shipped on Monday.

Ogawa previously revealed in January that she plans to end the manga this year.

SuBLime licensed the manga, and released the fifth volume on March 9. SuBLime describes the story of the first volume:

It’s a cruel game where the card you possess determines your class rank. Azusa has the king, the most powerful of the cards, which allows him to rule his class however ruthlessly he chooses. But all bets are off when Azusa gets double-crossed, shattering his pride as he drops to target, the lowest of the ranks. Now bullied by the very people he himself mistreated, Azusa is given a choice—become the new king’s plaything…or service the entire class!

The manga runs in Libre Publishing‘s Be x Boy magazine.

The manga inspired a smartphone game that launched in April 2020.

Source: Be x Boy‘s Twitter account

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