Takarazuka Revue Unveils Poster Visual for Snow Troup’s City Hunter Musical

by dereksawadogo

The Japanese all-female musical theater troupe Takarazuka Revue has posted a poster visual for City Hunter – Nusumareta XYZ (The Stolen XYZ) –, its forthcoming musical inspired by Tsukasa Hojo’s City Hunter comedy action manga series.

City Hunter began serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in 1985 and has printed over 50 million copies in total. It has been adapted into the very successful anime series by Sunrise, as well as two live-action films produced in Hong Kong (1993) and France (2019).

The hard-boiled comedy manga’s first stage play adaptation City Hunter – Nusumareta XYZ – is set to be performed by Snow Troup at the Takarazuka Grand Theater in Hyogo from August 7 to September 13, 2021, and at the Tokyo Takarazuka Theater in Tokyo from October 2 to November 14. Advance tickets for the Hyogo performances will go on sale on July 17, and for the Tokyo performances on September 5.

Main cast:

  • Ryo Saeba: Sakina Ayakaze
  • Kaori Makimura: Kiwa Asazuki
  • Mick Angel: Jun Asami
  • Hideyuki Makimura: Oka Aya
  • Umibouzu: Sen Agata

poster visual:

#宝塚歌劇 公演 ミュージカル


ポスタービジュアルが発表されました!https://t.co/BjINdXotc7 pic.twitter.com/xaDgyZxIk1

— 北条司オフィシャル (@hojo_official) May 7, 2021

Source: Takarazuka Revue offcial website, Tsukasa Hojo’s official Twitter

(c)Takarazuka Revue

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