News Tips Policy Update

by dereksawadogo

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ANN is changing the way we credit our news tippers in order to prioritize their privacy. Below is our new policy for news tip submissions and crediting those who send us news tips:

If we receive a public tip from a social media account or from our forums, we will credit the username of the person with the news tip, unless otherwise specified in the communication. If we receive a private news tip via social media private message or via email, we will not credit you unless specifically asked. This means if you do not state either way in your email or message that you would like to be credited, we will assume that you would not like to be credited. If you wish ANN to credit you, please include this in your message: “Please credit me as [name].” ANN’s policy is to prioritize the privacy of our news tippers.

As always, email is the best way to send us a news tip: to [email protected] for our news team, and to [email protected] for our Interest team. ANN’s News and Interest teams do not (and could not possibly) read every single post in the forum.

Please see our contacts page for other policies related to contacting ANN.

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