Nail Artist Behind Megan Thee Stallion’s Amazing Anime Nail Art Featured In New Vogue Magazine Profile

by dereksawadogo

Megan Thee Stallion, hitmaker, rapper and friend to Crunchyroll is known for her unabashed love of anime. From having a Shoto Todoroki inspired cosplay photoshoot, to her own line of exclusive anime-inspired streetwear through the Crunchyroll Loves line, she lives and breathes her anime fandom in ways that most fans could only dream of. Now, Vogue magazine has profiled the nail artist behind Megan’s stunning anime-inspired nail art in Coca Michelle, and as it turns out, she’s also an anime and video game fan too, as seen below.

Photo: Coca Michelle / @cocamichelle on Instagram

The profile and short interview details Michelle’s unique upbringing in East London where she grew up in a nail salon and started picking up the trade from the age of six, to her move to the US to study at the highly regarded Fashion Institute of Design and Merchasndising in Los Angeles, where she continued her nail art craft and proceeded to land her first celebrity clients who appreciate her detail-oriented focus as well as her abilitiy to come up with striking art at a moment’s notice.

Photo: Coca Michelle / @cocamichelle on Instagram

Michelle even has her own take on video game nail art on her Instagram, where she shows off her own nail art as well as selected nail art from her start-studded client list. As seen above, she’s not shy about going all out for her nail art.

SOURCE: Vogue Magazine

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