Pumpkin Night Manga Goes on Hiatus Until July

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Masaya Hokazono and Nao Kurebayashi‘s Pumpkin Night manga revealed on Wednesday that the manga will go on hiatus until around July so that Kurebayashi has more time to draw the manga.

The announcement explained that while the manga is serializing a new chapter once every two weeks, the manga is still “on thin ice” regarding its production. While Hokazono’s story is quite ahead, the hiatus gives Kurebayashi a chance to catch up and draw the remainder of the story.

The manga’s story begins when a girl named Akemi Nakatani is followed by someone named “Pumpkin Night” on social media, and receives a threatening private message right before being murdered while talking to a friend on the phone. Her friend, a boy named Kazuya Makino, is Pumpkin Night’s next target. It turns out that Pumpkin Night’s true identity is Naoko Kirino, a girl bullied from childhood and has escaped from a mental institution to take revenge on her bullies.

Hokazono and Kurebayashi launched the manga in the LINE Manga app in 2016. LINE Digital Frontier published the manga’s fifth compiled book volume last December. Hokazono and Kurebayashi also launched the Naoko ~Pumpkin Night Gaiden~ manga prequel in LINE Manga in June 2020.

Hokazono serialized the Inugami manga in Kodansha‘s Afternoon magazine from 1996 to 2002 with 14 volumes. Hokazono later drew a new version of the manga with modifications titled Inugami Kai for 10 volumes. Manga Planet is publishing Hokazono’s Inugami Kai and Doctor Mordrid manga in English.

Source: LINE Manga

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