Chris Rounds Out Team Orochi in Latest King of Fighters XV Trailer

by dereksawadogo

The King of Fighters XV

Another team has been fully formed for The King of Fighters XV, which is on the way sometime this year. The latest character trailer has Chris rounding out Team Orochi—which also consists of fellow C.Y.S. bandmates Yashiro Nanakase and Shermie—so check out the Rui Yamasaki-voiced character in action below.

If you missed any of the previous trailers, here’s who we have so far:

Benimaru Nikaido



Iori Yagami

Joe Higashi

Kyo Kusanagi

Chizuru Kagura

Andy Bogard

Yuri Sakazaki

Terry Bogard

Yashiro Nanakase


Mai Shiranui



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