Heroine Gets Hands-On in Do It Yourself!! TV Anime Visuals

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A character visual of Serufu Yui from the upcoming Do It Yourself!! TV anime. Serufu is a diminutive girl with unkempt grayish hair and reddish eyes wearing an untucked sailor uniform and sneakers. She has bandages on her knee, her cheek, and the bridge of her nose.

New key visuals have been revealed for Do It Yourself!!, an upcoming original TV anime about a group of girls learning the joys of hands-on crafting projects. The new visuals include a character setting (above) and a teaser visual (below) of Serufu Yui, one the six main characters of the show.

Serufu is described as a girl with a laidback personality who gets wrapped up in her own imagination, so she often presents a sloppy appearance and she often is covered with tiny injuries from tripping or bumping into things. Her casual attitude often makes the people around her fret, and she likes to create graffiti as a hobby.

A new key visual for the upcoming Do It Yourself!! TV anime, featuring the main character Serufu Yui dressed in a torn apron and wielding a portable electric drill.

Do It Yourself!! is directed by Kazuhiro Yoneda and features animation production by PINE JAM. Additional details about the series (such as the cast and the release date) have not yet been revealed.



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