Enjoy the Full Lyrics OP for the Let’s Make a Mug Too TV Anime

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Himeno Toyokawa and her friends admire a hand-thrown clay bowl in a scene from the Let's Make a Mug Too TV anime.

The CD single for “Wonder by Wonder”, the official opening theme song for the Let’s Make a Mug Too TV anime, has just been released in Japan, and to celebrate this auspicious event, the official Youtube channel for Nippon Columbia has published a full-length version of the opening animation with lyrics in both Japanese and English.

“Wonder by Wonder” is performed by MUG-MO, an in-character voice unit composed of Himeno Toyokawa (CV: Minami Tanaka), Mika Kukuri (CV:Yu Serizawa), Naoko Naruse (CV:Yuki Wakai), and Toko Aoki (CV:Rina Honnizumi). To view the English lyrics, please activate the closed captioning option on the video.

Crunchyroll describes the story of Let’s Make a Mug Too as follows:

Together with her father, who had quit his salaryman job, Toyokawa Himeno moves to Gifu prefecture’s Tajimi city. That’s the city where her mother is from, whom she had lost when she was still young. Himeno is now attending her mother’s alma mater, where her classmate Kukuri Mika invites her to tag along to a special place. That place turns out to be the pottery club! There, she learns for the first time that her mother was a legendary potter, and is consequently pulled into the world of pottery.

Let’s Make a Mug Too is directed by Jun Kamiya and features animation production by Nippon Animation. The series is currently broadcasting in Japan on CBC TV, BS11, TOKYO MX, Mainichi Broadcasting System, and AT-X, and it is also available via streaming on Crunchyroll as part of the spring 2021 simulcast lineup.

Source: Ota-suke

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