Netflix Adds Bakugan: Geogan Rising Anime on April 15

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Anime season premiered on Canadian television channel Teletoon on January 24

The official YouTube channel for the Bakugan franchise streamed a trailer on Monday announcing that Netflix will add the Bakugan: Geogan Rising anime on April 15.

Spin Master describes Bakugan: Geogan Rising:

Bakugan: Geogan Rising sees hero Dragonoid return as the Awesome Brawlers remain in a deep slumber, healing from the last time they had to save the world. This time, the gang will face adventures with a new set of Bakugan characters including Geogan, a Bakugan-like creature fused with elements of crystals and forming a new geometric form. Not only do Geogans look different than their Bakugan counterparts, but they are exceptionally strong and built to brawl. It’s not long before the Awesome Brawlers turn this group of misfit Bakugan into loyal partners, and Geogan have arrived on the scene, ready to prove their worth and dominate in the Bakugan battle arena.

Bakugan: Geogan Rising is the third season of the Bakugan Battle Planet anime, and it premiered on the Canadian television channel Teletoon on January 24. The show has 52 11-minute episodes. The anime will premiere in Japan in April.

The first Bakugan Battle Planet season premiered in the United States on Cartoon Network and in Canada on Teletoon in December 2018. The anime then premiered in Japan on TV Tokyo and its affiliates in April 2019. The first season has 100 11-minute episodes.

The second season, Bakugan: Armored Alliance, premiered on Teletoon in February 2020. The show then premiered on Cartoon Network in March 2020, and later premiered in Japan online in April 2020. The second season has 104 11-minute episodes. Netflix added the series on March 15.

The Bakugan franchise is based on Spin Master and Sega Toys‘ combination of metal cards and marble-like magnetic toys that automatically transform into figures during gameplay. The franchise has been a bestseller in North America.

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Source: Bakugan‘s YouTube channel

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