All Familiar Idols Return in Idol Land Pripara Anime Teaser PV

by dereksawadogo

The official website for Idol Land Pripara, the latest smartphone game app and web anime from Takara Tommy Arts’ idol-themed multimedia franchise Pripara has started streaming a two-and-half minute special teaser movie to introduce advance footage from the anime. The clip was screened at “Yakusoku no Teheperopitadesuwa!,” the three-member unit NonSugar’s first solo concert held on March 6, 2021.

The clip confirms that all of the familiar idols will return, as well as the two-member male idol unit DARK NIGHTMARE, Ushimitsu and Shinya, who already appeared in the stage play “WITH by IdolTimePripara” in December 2020. And it story will revolve around Primeval Pripara, a newly-found idol system that has existed even longer than Ancient Pripara. By fusing the old and new systems, Pripara will evolve to a new stage, “Idol Land.”

The app and anime were originally scheduled to launch in the spring of 2021, but have been postponed to the summer of 2021 in order to provide better quality content.

【めが兄ぃ】お待たせいたしました。「チョー催促して、超最速のアイドルランドプリパラ先行カット超公開!!」のムービーを改めてお届けいたします!さらに新カットもあるとかないとか…ぜひ何度もご覧くださいね。 #アドパラ

— アイドルランドプリパラ【公式】 (@idolland_arts) April 8, 2021

1st teaser visual:

2nd teaser visual:

3rd teaser visual:

Announcement PV:

Source: “Idol Land Pripara” official website / Twitter

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