Devilish Dating Game “Obey Me!” Gets Summer 2021 TV Anime

by dereksawadogo

A key visual for the upcoming

Obey Me!, an otome dating sim smart phone game developed by NTT Solmare Corporation that allows the player to romance seven devilish brothers in an academy for sinful demons, is being adapted into a TV anime that will broadcast during the summer season of 2021. The voice cast of the game will reprise their roles for the anime, including:

  • Kazuya Yamashita as Lucifer.
  • Hirotaka Kobayashi as Mammon.
  • Satoshi Kada as Leviathan.
  • Shinya Sumi as Satan.
  • Miura Ayme as Asmodeus.
  • Kyohei Yaguchi as Beelzebub.
  • Satoshi Onishi as Belphegor.

So far, few further details (such as the staff, the format, and the specific broadcast schedule) have yet been revealed, although it is known that Colored Pencil Animation Japan (the studio responsible for the OP animations for the original game) is in charge of animation production for the series. An English language version of the original smart phone game is also available for Apple and iOS devices.


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